Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simply Betty's Recycle Challenge Emmy;s project!

Today I am challenging you to RECYCLE. Come on how easy is that.. Don't toss it, Use it.
 How cute is the Emmy digi my Emmy colored:) Her background is a perfume add she found in the magazine recycle pile.  she added the pink sparkle ribbon and above the digi's head she made her own flower out of leftover beads from a christmas tinkerbell craft project.
 When you open up the perfume part of this it still smell like spring flowers (kinda, it's a real strong scent)lol anyway so Emmy used a spring stamp I have on a scrap of white cardstock.  the floral at the top is from an old envelope from a stationary set my mom gave her to play with since all the envelopes are sealed.(she needed to cover up the ads words).  This was all her idea with no help from me except for cutting some of the tight areas around the digi.

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